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Our books are listed here chronologically by date of publication, with the books to be published in 2019 first.  The 2019 books will be available in the fall. You can order them now using the membership page. Use the Search function to the right to find a particular book, or author.

Book Sale – December 2-10, 2019

Selected books are on sale for $10 if picking up from Osgoode Hall or $13 if shipping is required. You’ll find purchase links on the individual book pages.


  • Property on Trial: Canadian Cases in Context

    edited by Eric Tucker, Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, Bruze Ziff and James Muir, Professors, University of Alberta Law School. Published with Irwin Law, 2012. Despite the huge strides made by Canadian legal history in recent decades, we do not know as much as we should about the law of property, a crucial aspect of… Read more »

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  • Westward Bound: Sex, Violence, the Law, and the Making of a Settler Society

    by Lesley Erickson, Independent Historian and Researcher, Vancouver. Published with  UBC Press, 2011. The history of crime and punishment is one of the principal lenses through which historians of the law investigate the relationship between the law in the books and the ‘law in action,’ and the uses of law to regulate relations among social… Read more »

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  • Canadian State Trials Volume III: Political Trials and Security Measures, 1840-1914

    edited by Barry Wright, Department of Law, Carleton University, and Dr. Susan Binnie. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2009. This third volume of the Osgoode Society’s Canadian State Trials series covers the period from the 1840s to the First World War. It examines a range of political trials as traditionally defined, including those arising… Read more »

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  • Carnal Crimes: Sexual Assault Law in Canada, 1900-1975

    by Constance Backhouse, Professor of Law, University of Ottawa. Published with Irwin Law, 2008. An engaging and powerful book about sexual assault crimes in Canadian history, by Professor Constance Backhouse, whose previous books for the Osgoode Society have won major awards. Using a case-study approach, Professor Backhouse explores nine sexual assault trials from across the country… Read more »

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  • The Law of the Land: The Advent of the Torrens System in Canada

    by Greg Taylor, Professor, Faculty of Law, Monash University, Australia. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2008. The Torrens system of land titles registration was introduced to what is now British Columbia in the mid-nineteenth century, and later spread to the rest of western Canada and to Ontario. In telling the story of the various… Read more »

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  • Brian Dickson: A Judge’s Journey

    by Robert Sharpe, Justice of the Court of Appeal for Ontario and Professor Kent Roach, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2003. After coming of age during the Depression on the Prairies, being severely wounded in World War II, and after a career as a successful and prosperous… Read more »

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  • Uncertain Justice: Canadian Women and Capital Punishment 1754-1953

    by F. Murray Greenwood, Emeritus Professor of History, University of British Columbia and Beverley Boissery, Independant Scholar. Published with Dundurn Press, 2000. In recent years, scholars in all disciplines, feminists and traditionalists, have increasingly recognized how significant issues of gender are in understanding most aspects of the human condition. Indeed gender as a category of analysis… Read more »

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  • Colour-Coded: A Legal History of Racism in Canada, 1900-1950

    by Constance Backhouse, Professor of Law, University of Ottawa. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 1999. Colour-Coded has been translated into French and published in Quebec as De La Couleur des Lois: White supremacy had a tenacious hold on the historical roots of the Canadian legal system. Backhouse presents convincing case studies to illustrate how… Read more »

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  • White Man’s Law: Native People in Nineteenth-Century Canadian Jurisprudence

    by Sidney Harring.  Published with the University of Toronto Press, 1998. In recent years numerous important books have appeared which deal with the history of aboriginal populations in early Canada. Although these studies add enormously to our understanding of the role played by native peoples in the British North American and Canadian communities, there has… Read more »

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  • "Race", Rights and the Law in the Supreme Court of Canada: Historical Case Studies

    by James St. G. Walker, Professor of History and Associate Chair of Graduate Studies at the University of Waterloo. Published with Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1997. Professor James Walker is a distinguished historian who has made a substantial contribution to understanding the role of minority groups, especially aboriginal populations and those of African ancestry, in the… Read more »

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